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Do alarms deter burglars UK?

Do alarms deter burglars UKThe most of British ask this question, “Do alarms deter burglars UK?” the answer is yes. Theft is a prevalent issue, causing both a monetary and profoundly distressing emotional burden for those victimized. The majority of households in the UK have a security system in place, but does it genuinely discourage burglars? Do they prevent your home from becoming a target for thieves? We have the answers.

Do burglar alarm provide protection for your home?

Burglar alarms work to protect your home by notifying family and other neighbors that you are at risk of burglars. Depending on the installed alarm configuration, this may subsequently alert the homeowner, signaling a break-in event. 

Security systems can assist in securing your residence and markedly enhance its safety and protection by promptly notifying you of potential burglaries. However, does the presence of a burglar alarm effectively dissuade intruders from choosing your home as their target?

Do alarms deter burglars UK?

To put it concisely, alarm systems can indeed dissuade burglars from focusing on a home. This is because alarm systems are effective in bringing attention to a property via the loud alarm siren as well as notifying the authorities and homeowner. Burglars prefer targets that draw minimal notice, making alarms excellent deterrents.

Extensive research has examined elements that discourage burglars, confirming that alarms function as an effective deterrent. A recent study found that approximately 60% of burglars would seek to find an alternative target if an alarm was present, with many spending times trying to determine if a home has an alarm system. Another statistic showed that out of the burglars that realized an alarm system was present after they’d entered a home.

What types of security alarms exist for burglaries?

When pondering if a home alarm can discourage burglars and provide effective protection for your residence, it’s also essential to take into account the kind of burglar alarm system you have installed. There are many types of alarm systems available, including monitored and non-monitored. 

Supervised security systems

Monitored burglar alarms are home alarm systems connected to a central monitoring station. Households pay a monthly or yearly fee for a third party to remotely monitor their alarm system for any activations. This means that if your burglar alarm is activated, a dedicated team of monitoring operatives will be notified and will action the most appropriate response, whether that is contacting you as the homeowner. The perk of a supervised burglar alarm is that every activation is immediately noted. Due to continuous 24-hour monitoring, enhancing your home’s security and adding to an increased feeling of safety. Deterrent to burglars. 

Unsupervised security systems

Self-monitored burglar alarms, also termed non-monitored burglar alarms, are alarm systems in which the homeowner assumes complete responsibility. If the alarm system is triggered, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact the authorities. Alarms without monitoring are still highly effective, although opting for a monitored system usually results in a faster response.

What else can help deter burglars? 

Apart from alarms, there are other precautions that can be adopted to discourage burglars from focusing on your home. Options encompass putting up gates around your premises, using motion-sensor lighting, and installing CCTV cameras. Households should also remain attentive to locking doors and windows, and stay on top of domestic maintenance, addressing issues like repairing broken entry points, organizing outdoor spaces, and avoiding the careless placement of tools or valuables.

Incorporating alarms to deter trespassers with Homewatch

Therefore, home alarm systems are very effective in deterring burglars if properly installed and maintained. In order to enhance the overall security and safety of your home, it might be worthwhile to explore a monitored alarm system, along with additional security measures such as CCTV, motion lighting, and video doorbells. At Home watch we install, maintain and monitor all of the above plus more.

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