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Protection of the electrical installation in the event of flooding

Storm protection: Electrical installation in the event of flooding

Electrical installation in the event of flooding Climate change is intensifying storm situations with flooding. This directly affects the safety of electrical installations. Water damage to these, which can also be caused by a burst water pipe, is potentially life-threatening. This is why installers have always paid close attention to this issue. However, if you live in an area with an increased risk of flooding, you must plan your electrical installation in advance so that safety is guaranteed even in the event of flooding.

What happens in the event of flooding?

If the energy supplier reacts quickly enough, it switches off the entire grid in the affected area. However, this does not always work. It is possible that the electrical installation in the house was still live when the water broke in. For safety reasons, it must therefore be checked after the clean-up work and repaired if necessary. Only then can it be switched back on. Normally, the energy suppliers switch off the lines in the event of force majeure, because in such cases their general obligation to supply electricity ceases. They decide on the shutdown from the point of view of safety and economic efficiency. In the event of flooding, there is always a risk of dangerous short circuits and life-threatening electric shocks. 

How do you ensure safety after a water ingress?

Flooding can be caused by high water, but also simply by heavy rainfall and, as mentioned above, by a burst water pipe in the house. Your electricity supplier cannot know about this, which is why it does not automatically disconnect your home from the electricity grid. Even in the event of localized flooding due to heavy rainfall, your electricity supplier is often still obliged to continue supplying electricity, meaning that the electrical installation is still live. You must therefore be aware that hazards can emanate from the house connection box, the main distribution board and the meter system. The protective and safety devices are sometimes no longer effective due to flooding. Before entering a flooded basement room, it is therefore essential that you have your system switched off by a specialist electrical company or an employee of the local network operator.

How can the functionality and safety of the electrical installation be restored?

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